Air Frame Game

Air Frame Game


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What makes Inflatable Frame Games so different from typical carnival-style games is that they do not require a blower or a constant flow of air to operate. We simply inflate once and you’re good to go and cuts down on the need to be near a power outlet. You can inflate these games and place them anywhere and since these units require very little space, they really are perfect for facilities that might not have room for larger audiences like a small backyard or gymnasium.

They are just as good being used outdoors, as your complete package comes with 4 anchor hook stakes to secure it to the ground on days where it may be just a little windy out. Small kids love these games for their simplicity and you really can’t beat seeing a child’s face light up whenever they can get the ball into the hole.


  •    1 – Inflatable Frame
  •    2 – Back drops (Football Throwdown and Harvest Throwdown)
  •    6 Balls 

Dimensions: 6.8′ x 6.8′ x 5.6′


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